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I love this app, its a fun and creative way to determine the forecast and its hilarious!

App Crashing

Ever since the new update last night, I cant open the app to see whats the hilarious response to the current weather.


Simple and funny


Best weather app made. Love it. Super useful. Fast and easy. :)

Needs work

Adding locations works sporadically. Quotes are misspelled & not very funny. Needs tweeting and more pizzazz! Already bought it so.... maybe it will improve over time.

Just got it!

I love this app. Maybe its because I have a warped sense of humor. Hopefully theyll be upgrading the phrases along the way.


Finally a weather update I can relate to! Love it.

Love this

So funny and light hearted, brightens my day a little more


Definitely worth the download!


You can laught when it rain!


Makes even winter in Canada funny...


Could use a wider verity of comments regarding cold wether, Because its always damn cold where I live... Otherwise great, accurate and funny :)


2 degrees Celsius is not THAT cold for mid January in Canada. Maybe a regional change would help.

A little off

Well... Where I live (Canada) its -20 degrees Celsius. It keeps saying its hot out and it is most definitely is not hot. Its cold. Really cold. Its a little off. More like a lot off.

Honestly hilarious

Pretty much bang on forecast. Works fine on this iPhone 5s. People live the screen shots on Facebook

The best and funny

This app for the weather is accurate I find myself checking the weather all the time just to read the funny sayings about the weather I dont know why anybody has ever not done this before Im on top of it all the time this is great this beats all weather apps and is very acrid its very funny thank you thank you thank you

Makes my day

Honestly in the mornings, I dont have time to read an in depth analysis of what the weather is and have to guess what 20 degrees with a northern wind feels like. Having this simple, funny, one sentence description is extremely helpful and a fun thing to share with friends.

Best app

Makes me look forward to having bad weather.


Basically says what I feel! Love it!!!!

Aint this F-ing funny.®


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