HumorCast - Funny Authentic Weather Forecasts App Reviews

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Definitely worth the download!

Love this

So funny and light hearted, brightens my day a little more


Finally a weather update I can relate to! Love it.

Just got it!

I love this app. Maybe its because I have a warped sense of humor. Hopefully theyll be upgrading the phrases along the way.

Needs work

Adding locations works sporadically. Quotes are misspelled & not very funny. Needs tweeting and more pizzazz! Already bought it so.... maybe it will improve over time.


Best weather app made. Love it. Super useful. Fast and easy. :)


Simple and funny

App Crashing

Ever since the new update last night, I cant open the app to see whats the hilarious response to the current weather.


I love this app, its a fun and creative way to determine the forecast and its hilarious!


Basically says what I feel! Love it!!!!

Funny. Love it.

Very Funny!

Love this app! Love the 17+ language option. Lol.

Great stuff.

Love the app. Gives you real weather, but with a little bit of humor.

Great App

Ive enjoyed this app a lot since i downloaded it. If youve ever needed a descriptive, funny, and accurate way to describe how the weather is where you are, then youll be happy with this app. I live on the coast so my weather varies a bit so i get to see everything from hot as balls to a tid bit nipply

Accurate But Just Meh

The accuracy for weather is great (although with my iPhone weather app I can check multiple locations which I dont have the option with this one). And I thought I would enjoy the phrases along with the weather predictions but its basically the same few phrases and mostly negative and overly sarcastic. After a while it just feels boring. There are other apps I would use that are more interesting, even if they arent free.

Too funny!

Havent had any issue with it not working and the captions crack me right the hell up

Makes me happy!

It fits perfectly with my sense of humor! Love it :)

Love It!

So far, its the most accurate of all the weather apps Ive tried, and is honest!


Both 13+ and 17+ are really funny love it!


App is ok. I only gave it a 2 because I have to check two different weather apps just to get all the info I need. Not worth the hassle. Wont be keeping the app. Sayings are funny tho.

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